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Our Goal

In the wake of devastating disasters that have struck South Haiti, the immediate necessities often overshadow the emotional trauma experienced by the victims. This is especially true for children, whose psychological needs are frequently overlooked amidst the chaos. Our goal at Man Dodo's Humanitarian Foundation is to bridge this gap. We aim to provide a holistic response to disasters, addressing not only the physical but also the emotional needs of those affected. By building homes in Cavaillon, we hope to provide a sense of security and stability for families, helping them to overcome the traumas they have experienced.

From a Shelter to a Home.

Our home building project in Cavaillon is about more than just providing shelter. It's about restoring hope, dignity, and a sense of normalcy for those who have lost so much. By contributing to this cause, you are not just building houses; you're helping to rebuild lives. Your support will help us to maximize our impact, ensuring that we can reach as many people as possible.

Details about the cause

The city of Cavaillon has been severely impacted by recent disasters, with many families losing their homes. Through our home building project, we aim to provide these families with safe, secure housing, helping them to start rebuilding their lives.

Our approach is about more than just construction. We focus on creating a supportive community environment, where children and families can thrive. We provide ongoing support to ensure that families have access to the resources they need to maintain their homes and build a brighter future.

By supporting this cause, you're helping to create a lasting impact on the community of Cavaillon. Your contribution will help us to provide more than just houses; you'll be helping to provide homes.